Although we’ve had a somewhat mild winter, the cold days are still with! Be sure to bundle up when outside! Hats that cover the ears, gloves or mittens for the hands and a scarf all make for practical upstate NY winter wear!

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I am very thankful to you for supporting my business.  Have a great holiday full of family and friends.




May 12, 2018

I have been teaching the Kids Can Sew program for almost 18 years.  In doing so, I have met so many wonderful and talented children. Some, now young women and men, have gone on to FIT and other schools of fashion and design. One of my first students has her own business designing swimsuits. Others have gone on to college, travelled and become Moms and Dads.

Starting today I will no longer be teaching the Kids Can Sew program. There are other things that I would like to try. I am getting more requests for alterations, construction of pillows and cushions, and draperies. Prom and wedding season are always hectic and fun.

I will still be teaching hand and machine sewing. These will be private lessons based on your own specific needs.

Thank you for supporting me through these many years.


One more week and this years Prom season will be over in my area of New York.

This year I had girls from Saratoga Springs, Galway, Salem, Cambridge, South Glens Falls, Hoosick Falls and Schuylerville.  Some of girls have been coming to the shop for years.  I have had the privilege of watching them become amazing young ladies.  Others, I met for the first time and look forward to seeing them again.

Mom’s, thank you for choosing me, myself & I to do your alterations.

Some repairs, some remodeling, some re-organization! And the shop has been transformed!

I had the pleasure of recently attending Pam Damour’s Boot Camp which teaches drapery workroom techniques. Pam holds these workshops at her home &  workshop in Champlain, NY. These are very exclusive as there are only a handful of students in attendance. During these sessions, Pam shares her 33+ years of experience in the industry. Even experienced sewers like myself come away from these workshops learn the latest techniques and have a chance to practice and sharpen our skills!

As a result of this workshop, I am now certified to teach under the Pam Damour – Damour Drapery School name!

You can learn more about Pam at her website –

Look for photos of some of my projects and more info on my drapery offerings in the future!

Learn new skills – alone or with several of your friends! We offer a number of classes for all age groups!

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