September 2007

On Monday, September 10, 2007, our Monday ladies group took a field trip to purchase materials for a new quilt project called “A Study in Blue”. 

Before we left me, myself & I, each of the ladies was given a list of supplies that they would be needing.  Included on this list were 7 or 8 different pieces of blue fabric, hence the name of the quilt. 

By the time we made it to the register, between us, we must of had 50 plus yards of fabric, mostly blue.


I am happy to announce that we have upgraded the website again to make things even better for everyone!

Our new website is built as a “blog”. This means we can make the content even MORE dynamic, with more frequent additions and updates!


The sidebar has links to:

  • A variety of pages here on the me, myself & I website.
  • Blog entries, also called “articles” or “posts” on various topics. Simply click on the topic name to see all the entries for that topic.
  • A list of links to the associations and organizations that I belong to
  • A list of links to sewing resources that you may find helpful
  • Access to the monthly and annual archives. Old articles are automatically archived there each month.
  • For those familiar with “news feed” technology, on the site administration section we have links to let you automatically get updates from our site.

Its a lot all at once. All of the old pages are still here & available. But now we have more content than ever before!

If you find anything confusing or broken, please let us know by mail.