February 2009

Have you tried needlepoint, cross stitch or possibly counted crossstitch but found that they were not quite what you were looking for? Punch needle embroidery is a different way to decorate fabrics for a variety of projects. From small bags and pouches to larger pieces, it can be a lot of fun and its easy to learn! You can even frame your work as art to decorate your walls!

We’ve located a short introductory video. Take a few minutes and enjoy this clip.

Has this whetted your appetite? Does it look interesting? Would you like to give it a try? We can help you get started! Give us a call at 518-695-4867 and we can set up a time to help you.

We can also provide you with all the tools and materials you need for these projects. 

What could be even more fun? Bring a friend or an entire group of friends!


In fact, consider bringing a friend and taking advantage of our Two-For-The-Price-Of-One special! You and your friend can share the cost of the lesson which, in these tough economic times, can be very helpful. You will also have a sewing buddy so that as you work on your dresses you can compare your efforts, give each other ideas and suggestions and maybe even help each other through some of the more difficult steps. And besides, its whole lot more fun with a friend by your side!

We can help you select the pattern, select the appropriate fabrics, notions, and such for your dresses. At our shop we can plan your next steps, identify key sewing skills to be used and some of the challenges you will face. Then at home, you and your friend can take the knowledge from your lessons and apply that to your dressmaking. At your next lesson we will look at your progress together and help you along to the next step!

In the end you will each have a beautiful prom dress, unique to each of you. No one else at your prom could ever have the same exact dress as the one you make yourself! And, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you made it yourself!

Call us at 518-696-4867 to schedule an appointment for you and your friend to get started on your dresses!

And, after the prom, send us photos of you and your friend in your new dresses and we will post them here for all your family & friends to see!

Prom season is fast approaching and some lucky ladies will be winning prizes – for making their own prom dresses!

The Sew Jo-Ann Prom Contest for this year has already started! You can download the entry form at this web link.

Contest entrants have a chance to win cash and prizes with the judges making their decisions based on workmanship, level of detail and originality. According to the contest rules, your fabric must come from their stores.

The design comes from you! At me, myself and I, we can help you work out the details of your design, determine which fabrics might work the best, and give you guidance on creating your pattern, fabric cutting, and of course, sewing your creation together!

The contest ends June 30, 2009 so you should start work now if you want a chance to win! Give us a call at 518-695-4867 to schedule an appointment to look at your future prom dress ideas!

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