March 2009

The 4th Annual Vermont Quilt Shop Hop (Vermont Shop Hop) was a tremendous amount of fun! My husbald and I went on a 3 day / 500+ mile tour of Vermont and visited fourteen (14) quilt shops around the state!

The 14 stores  selected a common Vermont Shop Hop design. Each store’s quilter then created their version or concept based on that common design. The quilts varied in color, positioning of the blocks, size, and shape. Some of the quilters also added their own personal twists to the basic design!

Garden of Stitches - Bethel, VT

Garden of Stitches - Bethel, VT

Participants entered contests, drawings for prizes and get a free pattern for one of the squares and obtain fabric related to the common design.

If you have a group of friends that enjoy quilting or are looking for an “excuse” to visit a number of beautiful locations in Vermont, the Shop Hop may be just the ticket!


Many groups are tiring of the standard kitchen gadget parties, have already collected enough candles from those parties, or already have a jewelry box overflowing with glitz from hosting (although you can never really have enough, can you?).

While those are fun and exciting, perhaps you and your most creative friends are looking for something else to do. Why not have a sewing related gathering?

What could be more fun than entire group of friends gathered together working on their sewing projects, each helping the other, practicing their sewing skills or even learning new ones!

Give us a call at 518-695-4867 and lets work together to see what type of gathering would be most appropriate for you!