January 2010

Get ready folks! Although the thermometer appears to have frozen solid, rumor has it that Spring will someday soon be on the way!

And with Spring come (insert drum roll here) the Quilt Hops! Keep checking back and we’ll have some announcements to keep you up to date!


Happy New Year Everyone!

It seems that every year someone gets a fantastic present that they may not really know how to use! For our sewing friends this usually means that wonderful new sewing machine. So many features! All those attachments! Lots of adjustments! So much capability! It’s SO shiny!

But – how does it work?

Don’t worry – we can help!

We offer classes in machine sewing that can help you master that new mechanical marvel! You can bring your machine with you and learn how to take advantage of all those bells and whistles!

Give us a call at (518) 695-4867 and lets get started!

Visit the Greenwich NY Library.  Local rug hookers will be  showing their work during January.  It is well worth your time to stop and take a look at some of the amazing work these folks have created!

Many of the stores are having some great winter sales! While there are some fantastic bargains out there we can all be just a little more “green” if we save some of those “whites”!

Perhaps you already have some beautiful items. Some may be heirlooms or special hand-me-downs from your family. We can help you learn how to repair or alter those items or bring them in and we can take care of them for you. Or use this as a chance to help your children get started on a lifetime of sewing!

Either way, you’ll be doing your part for our planet!

Happy New Yearfrom me, myself & I