This past week I have been thinking of ways to help others.  It can be as easy as making a phone call to a neighbor, a friend, or a family member. Just check to see if they are okay and if they need anything. I am sure that they will appreciate knowing that someone cares.

I live in a small village with some wonderful restaurants and shops. Most are closed for the duration of this medical emergency. I sure hope that they will be able to reopen.

I received an email from a local restaurant requesting help by purchasing a gift certificate. Ordering dinner from a restaurant with curbside pickup is another way of helping. Maybe there is something you can do for your local businesses (hair salon, pet groomer, dress shop, etc.). Any birthdays coming up? Give a gift certificate to a local business instead of shopping online. And please remember your church donations. Their expenses go on, even when no one is there.

Also, consider making facial masks. There are many patterns and youtube videos available for free. Some are even no-sew.