Ladies sometimes call to ask about what to do with their old wedding dress. After the wedding the dress is typically dry cleaned and sealed into a storage box to help preserve it. Sometimes the dress has already been shared and reused by a relative or close friend and again placed into storage.

But what about those dresses. Other than being worn for another wedding, what else can be done with them?

They can be disassembled and the fabric used to create a completely new creation from your “something old”. The material can be included in a memory quilt, or a christening gown. The dress may even be able to be altered and cut down to create a cocktail dress! One young lady had her grandmother’s wedding dress converted into a costume for a ballerina’s role in Swan Lake!

If you would like to pass along the memories but do not want or need it to be kept as a wedding dress, then call us at 518-695-4867. We can talk about the various options for your particular dress and help you accomplish them.


I am happy to announce that we have upgraded the website again to make things even better for everyone!

Our new website is built as a “blog”. This means we can make the content even MORE dynamic, with more frequent additions and updates!


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Its a lot all at once. All of the old pages are still here & available. But now we have more content than ever before!

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