• Bring new life to your wardrobe!
  • Found the perfect item but its sizing needs just a little bit of adjustment?

In addition to our various instruction programs, we also perform alterations!

For more information on alterations please call (518) 695-4867.

Creative Sewing

Through our creative sewing program, me, myself & I can transform your vintage clothing into entirely new creations!

All our creative sewing projects produce a unique garment – just for you! Let us transform your vintage items into your very own “designer clothing”.

For more information on our creative sewing please call (518) 695-4867.

Custom Sewing

Sometimes you are looking for a special garment but simply can not find one ready-made. It might be a specific pattern, or a particular color or it might need special sizing to fit you properly. Our custom sewing program now offers you a solution!

We can custom sew specific items for you! Please call us for more information at (518) 695-4867.