Martha Pullen Heirloom Sewing

What is Heirloom Sewing?

Heirlooms include both handmade and machine made garments and other items that are meant to be treasured by families for generations to come.

The techniques used are similar to those your grandmother, great-grandmother, and great-great-grandmother used. Heirlooms will most likely be around longer than the person who made them!

Classes start with Beginning French Sewing and a Lace Shaping Notebook.

Beginning French Sewing

Learn the following techniques:

  • Lace to lace
  • Lace to entredeux
  • Entredeux to flat fabric
  • Lace to fabric
  • Gathered lace to entredeux
  • Entredeux to gathered fabric

Lace Shaping Notebook

Learn diamonds, scalloped lace with or without gathering, tied lace bows, circles, hearts, and shaped pintucks.

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