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I recently received notice that the classes for the Original Sewing & Quilt expo were posted for Worcester, MA 2010 on the www.sewingexpo.com website.

In 2000 I started me, myself & I.  I spend time taking classes around the country trying to update myself in the latest sewing trends and equipment.  It was time well spent.  For many years I was an Ambassador (volunteer) for the expo.  I would spend 4 days helping in the  classroom as needed, and manning help desks and such.  It was a great way to keep apprised of what was new and exciting in the sewing market.  Because of my business and what life throws at you, I haven’t taken the time to check out Worcester in many years.

Yesterday I took the time to check out this year’s schedule.  I will be attending this year, but it will be as a student.  I look forward to filling 4 days from approximately 8:30AM to 8PM with back to sewing basics.  I will be reviewing machine quilting, hand appliqué, home deco, hand embroidery and even be making a jacket.   I have filled every hour with what I love to do best.  Some classes have instructors that I took classes from when I first traveled.  There are also instructors that are new to me.

If you love sewing, as I do, make the time to check out www.sewingexpo.com.  Maybe we will end up in a class together.

Pre day class is Wednesday April 7.  The expo is Thursday April 8-Sat April 10, 2010 with details on their website.

Be sure to sign up early – the classes fill fast!