Prom season is fast approaching and some lucky ladies will be winning prizes – for making their own prom dresses!

The Sew Jo-Ann Prom Contest for this year has already started! You can download the entry form at this web link.

Contest entrants have a chance to win cash and prizes with the judges making their decisions based on workmanship, level of detail and originality. According to the contest rules, your fabric must come from their stores.

The design comes from you! At me, myself and I, we can help you work out the details of your design, determine which fabrics might work the best, and give you guidance on creating your pattern, fabric cutting, and of course, sewing your creation together!

The contest ends June 30, 2009 so you should start work now if you want a chance to win! Give us a call at 518-695-4867 to schedule an appointment to look at your future prom dress ideas!